Friday, 23 December 2016

The Loyal Subjects Masters of the Universe Action Vinyl He-Man

The Loyal Subjects Masters of the Universe Action Vinyl He-Man Review

By the Power of Grayskull!!!! The Hero of Eternia, He-Man is brought to you by The Loyal Subjects!!!

I didn’t plan to go out and buy these figures and to start collecting the whole lot of them, but I am surely impressed with these figures. I am planning to pick up a few more of them and I already have Skeletor, Beast Man and Tri-klops on the way.

He-Man comes as a 3” figure with 10 different points of articulation. He also comes with his signature accessories, the Power Sword (Filmation) and his Shield. Strangely he doesn’t come with his Battle Ax. The weapons are painted a nice bright silver and it is also made from a very sturdy plastic.

He-Man comes with his awesome Filmation look. The details on him are impressive and I must say that the paint job on him are top class. There are no smudges or any areas that wasn't painted properly.  Even the Box Art is awesome!!!

He-Man also comes with a little Collectors Trading Card which also includes a little Bio on the figure. This is a nice little extra add on to the figure.

He-Man - (2/16 Chance of getting) is part of Wave 1 which also includes the following figures:

Skeletor - (2/16 Chance of getting)
Tri-Klops - (2/16 Chance of getting)
Beast Man - (2/16 Chance of getting)
Man-At-Arms - (2/16 Chance of getting)
Stratos - (2/16 Chance of getting)
Faker - (1/96 Chance of getting)
Teela - (1/48 Chance of getting)
Evil-Lyn - (1/24 Chance of getting)
Trap-Jaw - (2/16 Chance of getting)
Man-E-Faces - (2/16 Chance of getting)

Wave 1 will have 11 Figures in total.

These figures are blind boxed and is available in a box of 16 figures so you will receive one of more of each figure. The rare figures are Faker, Teela and Evil-Lyn.

Prince Adam is the 12th Figure in Wave 1, but he was the 2016 SDCC Exclusive Figure. Made in very limited numbers he came packaged on a blister card.

I am glad that I bought He-Man. He is a awesome little figure!  I think that the Loyal Subjects brings something different and new to the MOTU Figures and these figures will make a nice addition to any MOTU Collection!!!

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