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March 2015 brought us Oo-Larr, the 2015 Club Eternia Exclusive Figure.

Ever since I was a kid back in the 80’s I wanted this figure. I never understood why this awesome figure made his appearance in the very first mini comic (He-Man and The Power Sword), but the figure was never made.

This is one of my all-time favorite MOTU Figures and am very happy that we finally got this figure to display with our other Heroic Warriors.

Bio - Oo-Larr
The Jungle He-Man
Real Name: Oo-Larr, Lord of the Jungle Tribe
The last person to be known as “The He-Man” before Prince Adam was born was Oo-Larr of the Jungle Tribe. He left his kinsmen seeking adventure and excitement outside of the Vine Jungle. Coming across the Goddess, he rescued her and was recruited to help protect the two halves of the Power Sword of He. The corodite Power Vest which the Goddess gave to Oo-Larr was so well engineered that it was also eventually passed down to Prince Adam too. Oo-Larr’s final quest was to unite both halves of the Swod so that the Sorceress could clone it for the second twin of destiny. Oo-Larr then separated the original sword again, hiding both halves on opposite sides of the planet while the Sorceress and Light Hope watched over the clone sword in Grayskull. Oo-Larr bravely fights to protect the secret of the sword of He.

I like the idea that Oo-Larr (I like to call him Alcala He-Man) is starting out as a Lord of the Jungle type figure. It keeps to the idea that he is a Savage He-Man (Barbaric He-Man) with great strength and powers.  I am always a faviroute of the idea that He-Man should inspire fear into the Evil Warriors before he defeats them.

Oo-larr comes with a spear, a sword that is based on the very same spear and sword as in the mini comic and a axe which was packed in with Huntara. A vintage He-Man head come as a extra pack in item.

You can now go ahead and re-create that very famious scene in the Mini Comic (He-Man and The Power Sword) where the Green Goddes gave Oo-Larr all those precious weapons and costumes to enable him to defent the secrets of Castle Grayskull.
As you know The Green Goddess was released with a extra Power Axe, Corodite Armor and Hero Shield in 2009.

Finally , as with all other exclusive figures, Oo-Larr comes with a mini comic called, “The Fall of Eternia”.  This is a first of a three part mini comic serious titled, “Homecoming”.

As I said previously, I am very happy that we finally got this figure after all the years. To me this figure also pays homage to Alfredo Alcala for all his hard work that he put into the original mini comics.
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