2016 MOTU Checklist

January 2016 - Club Collector's Choice

Lord Masque - Evil Servant of Shokoti

February 2016 - Club Grayskull

Filmation He-Man - Most Powerful Man in the Universe

March 2016 - Club Collector's Choice
Vultak - Evil Flying Zookeeper


Out of Sub Item

Serpentine King Hssss - Evil Disguised Leader of the Snake Men

  April 2016 - Club Grayskull

Filmation Trap-Jaw

2016 Chase Figure
Anti-Eternia He-Man

May 2016 - Club Collector's Choice


Quarterly Item - Club Collector's Choice

Night Stalker - Please note: Due to production issues, Night Stalker is now expected to arrive in September.

June 2016 - Club Grayskull

Filmation Skeletor

Sub Exclusive - Club Collector's Choice


Convention Exclusives - Power-Con

Green Granamyr

Red Beast Man

Camo Khan

July 2016 - Club Collector's Choice


Convention Exclusive - SDCC


August 2016 - Club Grayskull

Filmation Beast Man

Sub Exclusive - Club Grayskull

Filmation Evil Seed

September 2016 - Club Collector's Choice

General Sunder

Quarterly Item - Club Collectors Choice


October 2016 - Club Grayskull

Filmation Evil-Lyn

November 2016 - Club Collector's Choice

Horde Wraith

December 2016 - Club Grayskull

Filmation Clawful

???? - Non - Sub Items - ????

Mattel hasn't given any release dates for these items as yet!!

Roton with Skelcon

Horde Trooper

 Snake Mountain

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