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Custom Guerr-Or

Ever since I saw this figure in the Power and Honor Foundation Catalog I wanted to own him. I was even more excited when The Fwoosh did a review on him after Mat ‘O Toole (The Castle of Power) made a custom head for this figure. So I went ahead and bought the head and I am now the proud owner of Guerr-Or.

I am also very excited to use this figure for my very first review here on the MOTU Universe Blog.

As you know, Mattel hasn’t come around to make this figure in the Classic MOTU line as yet. Maybe it’s because of some licensing agreement or whatever other legal reasons or maybe Mattel feels that this figure isn’t important enough at the moment to bring out in the MOTU Classic Line. If Mattel makes him one day, he will be a great addition to The Grayskull Faction and it will be great to see him stand tall next to the other concept figures that has already been made in the Classic Line.

The history basically around this figure is that it was originally sculpted by Tony Guerrero. This figure made it all the way to the prototype stage and you can clearly see the physical resemblance of He-Man. It was decided to drop the helmet and to go with the blonde haired Heroic Warrior, He-Man.

This is the Original Prototype Figure, Sculpted by Tony Guerrero on display at Power-Con 2011

The Fwoosh named his figure, “Guerr-Or”, which I think is the perfect name for this figure. Firstly it pays homage to Tony Guerrero for all his hard work that he put into the MOTU Line and secondly the name just sounds barbaric.  A perfect name to put fear into those who dare try stealing the secrets of Castle Grayskull.

As stated before the head was made by Mat ‘O Toole (The Castle of Power) and the body that I used was a He-Man body, painted by the talented Frikkie Stroebel (Blue Hands Customs)

I added the Classic Castle Grayskull Silver Ax as a weapon. The prototype figure had a similar Ax. The Castle Grayskull Ax works perfectly with this figure. The weapon makes Guerr-Or fit in perfectly with Vikor and Vykron which basically also uses the Ax as their preferred weapon. In my canon I have these three Vikings that protects the Secrets of Castle Grayskull.

Even though Guerr-Or is a custom figure, I believe that he deserves his rightful place between the Heroic Heroes of Eternia!!!

If you want to see and read more about this concept figure, you can have a look on page 24 and 25 of The Power and The Honor Foundation Catalog Volume 1.

Please check back regularly for more reviews!!!

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