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Toy Collector: Marc Welgemoed

Interview with Toy Collector: Marc Welgemoed!

Welcome to my Second interview segment, where a collector answers 13 short questions. The same questions will be given to every collector appearing in this segment.

I’m really excited to welcome South African Masters of the Universe Collector, Marc Welgemoed onto the blog.

MOTU!: Before we start with the magic 13 questions, can you tell us a bid about yourself?

Marc: I am 42 years of age and live in Despatch, close to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. I am a law lecturer and also run a recording studio part-time. I love the 80s and everything it brought to the table, hence my love for MOTU.

MOTU!: 1. What inspired you to collect?

Marc: I always had a love for MOTU, since I got my first figure, He-Man, way back in 1983. The overall look and amazing quality of the figure, as well as the included mini-comics and card artwork, inspired me to collect more and more of these toys. When I went to high school, at the beginning of 1988, I stopped collecting, due to my interest in music escalating, and also because of the discontinuation of the original MOTU-toy line. I have, however, never forgotten my MOTU and never got rid of my action figures and playsets. During 2012, I made some inquiry about the availability of MOTU and found out about the Classics series and…well, now I have a substantial Classics-collection! I also augmented my vintage collection since 2012. My inspiration has therefore had to be my love for the toy line and the unforgettable childhood memories it brings along.

MOTU!: 2. How long have you been collecting?

Marc: From 1983…(can you believe!)

MOTU!: 3. What do you collect?

Marc: I only collect MOTU, but limit myself to the vintage- and Classics line. I have 2 200x-figures in my collection, but that line, as well as the New Adventures-line, had never been my focus. Apart from the action figures and playsets, I also have a collection of DVDs, mini-comics, Golden Books, as well as quite a number of Classics- and vintage figures and playsets mint on card.

MOTU!: 4. What’s your grail and favourite piece in your collection?

Marc: My grail…the Holy Grail of Motu, namely Eternia! And Cobus, I think I can share my gratitude towards you with all the readers – thank you once again for informing me about this awesome playset and assisting me to obtain it! I will never forget it and am very thankful towards you.

MOTU!: 5. What collectors inspire you?

Marc: Well, apart from you, there are quite a few who are inspiring, like Dewald De Lange, Dewald van Tonder, Jaun Vermaak, Jacques Bindeman, as well as overseas collectors like Joe Amato, James Michael Barksdale, Tom Ace, and many many more (sorry if I am leaving out names – it is not intentional, as I salute all collectors out there!). I just wish that I can meet some of these collectors in real life, because they are such great people.

MOTU!: 6. What is your most embarrassing moment as a collector?

Marc: Hahaha, well Cobus, you know this one, but let me share it with all the readers…I bought the vintage “Cliff Climber” and “Tower Tools” on Ebay for an excellent price. I was so excited about these accessories, but only when it arrived, I realized that, what I have bought, are ONLY the boxes, with nothing in it! I immediately checked the Ebay-advertisement again and saw that I made a mistake…but to this day, it is hilarious and I will never forget it!

MOTU!: 7. What is your favourite MOTU Filmation or 200x Series Episode or MOTU Mini Comic and why?

Marc: My favourite Filmation episode must be “The Witch and the Warrior”, in which an unusual partnership is formed between Teela and Evil-Lyn. With regards to 200X, the opening episode was quite good, where we learned more about Keldor. My favourite mini-comic is undoubtedly “The Search for Keldor”, because it features amazing characters like Clamp Champ, King Randor, Scare Glow, Ninjor and of course, the Sorceress. And, of course, the Eternia Towers also feature therein…

MOTU!: 8. What would you change about the collecting community?

Marc: I must be honest: I do not visit collector community-sites very often. However, having said that, the times when I have visited sites like, as well as your own page, MOTU Universe, made me realize how serious collectors are about quality and their love for MOTU. I therefore wish to say “Keep up the good work” and continue to inspire collectors, and especially new collectors, to nurture their love for MOTU. There is a lot of new collectors who require assistance in knowing where to get figures and playsets. Community sites can therefore attempt to assist them by providing information of this nature.

MOTU!: 9. Forums or Facebook groups?

Marc: I would prefer Facebook-groups, as I do not visit forums very often.

MOTU!: 10. What MOTU character do you most resemble?

Marc: Haha, this is a difficult one…maybe Sy-Klone. I am always in a whirlwind, busy with something! Somedays, I wish I have his speed and agility to get everything in a day done.

MOTU!: 11. Is there one thing that collectors may not know about you?

Marc: Well, back in 2012, I said to myself, “You are only going to buy the ‘boss’-figures in the Classics-line, namely He-Man, She-Ra, Skeletor, Hordak and King Hiss.” Yeah, right! Before I even received them, I bought another bunch of figures, because, if it is MOTU, I find it hard to resist! Due to running out of space (and also because collecting is expensive!), I now stopped collecting for a while…only to have bought some of the Super 7 MOTU Ultimate figures last weekend! It seems I am addicted to MOTU!

MOTU!: 12. I notice that a lot of SW collectors also collect comics (myself included). What do you think is the common factor that draws some people to both of these hobbies?

Marc: In my opinion, comics complement the toys. For me, there is (and has always been) something nostalgic in holding the actual toy in your hand, while reading the comic and see that particular character in a storyline. I therefore think that the two go hand in hand. The comics can also direct you interest in particular directions you will have never imagined. An example from my own experience, is my interest in the Powers of Grayskull-line, which, sadly, never got off the ground in 1987. I have read the MOTU Classics-mini-comics that came with Dragon-Blaster Skeletor, Thunder Punch He-Man and Snake Man-At-Arms, and that spawned my love for the POG-line. I immediately hunted figures like Preternia Disguise He-Man, He-Ro, King Grayskull, as well as Tytus and Megator. Later on, I was also fortunate enough to get the 3 dinosaurs, namely Tyrantisaurus Rex, Turbodactyl and Bionotops. My greatest find, also having a foundation in Preternia, was however the Eternia-playset. Therefore, never underestimate the power of a comic! Look what it brought to my collection!

MOTU!: 13. And finally, what is it about the hobby that has kept you collecting for all of these years?

Marc: I can undoubtedly say, and have said it before, the absolutely great memories from my childhood. The 80s where the best years of my life, and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, contributed probably more than half thereto. To this day, when I look at my collection, I am taken back to my childhood and the furious battles between He-Man and Skeletor. I will never never ever forget it!

MOTU!: Well thank you so much for joining me today Marc. It has been an immense pleasure and I’m sure my readers will enjoy reading your answers as much as I have!

Marc!: Thanks so much for granting me the opportunity to talk about my collection, Cobus! I really do appreciate it. Thank you for being such a good friend and all the best with your blog. And to all the readers out there: enjoy your MOTU and I really hope to meet you someday!

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