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Custom Castle Grayskull Weapons Rack 2.0 - "The Forgotten One"

Ever since I got my Classic Castle Grayskull I felt that it will never be complete without this Weapons Rack.

For any Collector, Castle Grayskull is the Iconic piece of Masters of the Universe. The whole story surrounds the mysterious Castle Grayskull with all its Powers and Secrets and it just needs to be complete.

So when I got the change, I decided to create a Custom Weapons Rack 2.0 to add to Castle Grayskull as an extra accessory.

Back in 1982 when the Vintage Castle Grayskull was released, Castle Grayskull came with inserts and one of these inserts was a second Weapons Rack that could be placed inside Castle Grayskull.

However when the Classic Castle Grayskull was released in 2013, we received all the relevant Weapons that fit onto the Weapons Rack (Excluding the Power Blaster Rifle), but the Second Weapons Rack was excluded from Castle Grayskull. I think that this important piece was left out because of budgetary reasons

My Recipe:

Pocket Canvas
10 Panel Pinch Nails
Mahogany Stain
Weapons that we received with Castle Grayskull (2x Blaster Guns, Silver Shield, Battle Axe and Spike Ball)
Power Blaster Rifle from the Ultimate Battleground Weapons Pak


Height:  ± 12cm (± 4.7 inches)
Width:  ± 7 cm (± 2.7 inches)

I also thought it will be a very good idea to give this Weapons Rack a Bio and a Name. I decided to use the Castle Grayskull Bio as a base to work from and I came up with a very cool Bio and Name.  I decided to name it - "The Forgotten One".  The reason being that we didn't get it with our Classic Castle Grayskull.

Bio:  Weapons Rack 2.0

Name:  The Forgotten One

After the death of He-Ro, his magic sword was passed to King Grayskull, who subsequently ordered a great Fortress and Armory to be build in honor of He-Ro, to safeguard the sword's power source and to protect the Kingdom.  Part of the armory were two Weapon Racks.  Specially made weapons were stored on these racks as a defense against Evil.  The Forgotten One, as it was known by The Masters of the Universe, was kept in a secret chamber behind the Throne of Grayskull.  The weapons on this rack were used in extreme circumstances as a last line of defense by The Masters of the Universe to protect the hidden Powers of the Universe and the Secrets of Eternia.

Bio Written By:  Cobus Potgieter - MOTU Universe
Edited and Inputs By:  Bjӧrn Korthof - DJ Force Weapons Forge Toy Design
Inputs By:  Dewald de Lange - Global Masters Podcast
Moderated By:  Jukka Issakainen - Living MOTU Encyclopedia

Hopefully Mattel will release an Official Weapons Rack 2.0 or an Add on Castle Grayskull Accessories Pak one day to enable us to arrive at a Complete Castle Grayskull. A Complete Iconic Castle Grayskull is a must for our MOTU Collections!!!

*PS - A special thanks to Bjӧrn Korthof, Dewald de Lange and Jukka Issakainen for all your assistance when I was writing the Bio.

Please check back regularly for more reviews!!!

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