Tuesday 31 October 2017

Toy Collector: Juan Vermaak

Interview with Toy Collector: Juan Vermaak!

Welcome to my Seventh interview segment, where a collector answers 13 short questions. The same questions will be given to every collector appearing in this segment.

I’m really excited to welcome South African Masters of the Universe Collector, Juan Vermaak onto the blog.

MOTU!: Before we start with the magic 13 questions, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Juan: Well, I grew up in the East Rand. After school, I went into the family business. Been doing it ever since, and I enjoy every moment. Amongst my hobby of collecting, I also enjoy biking, gaming and spending time with my family.

MOTU!: 1. What inspired you to collect?

Juan: I think it is something that has come along since my childhood. I’ve always loved action figures and it takes me back to being a kid again. I have always been a MOTU fan, so when Mattel started with the classics line back in 2008, that got me back into collecting on a more serious note.

MOTU!: 2. How long have you been collecting?

Juan: Since about 2006

MOTU!: 3. What do you collect?

Juan: Mostly MOTUC, but also Marvel Legends, Mortal Kombat, WWE figures, Statues, and whatever I find appealing at the time.

MOTU!: 4. What’s your grail and favourite piece in your collection?

Juan: I would have to say Scareglow. I have always loved the look of the figure and the fact that it glows in the dark is awesome.

MOTU!: 5. What collectors inspire you?

Juan: There are so many but to mention a few, Dewald van Tonder, Daniel Dixon, Marc Welgemoed, and Cobus Potgieter. I have also made some amazing friends with some of them through the years of collecting.

MOTU!: 6. What is your most embarrassing moment as a collector?

Juan: I can’t recall of any embarrassing moments, But I will keep you posted if any do arise.

MOTU!: 7. What is your favourite MOTU Filmation or 200x Series Episode or MOTU Mini Comic and why?

Juan: “The Power of Grayskull” from the 200x cartoon must be my favourite episode. I have always loved the 200x cartoon. I think this specific episode because of King Grayskull’s sacrifice he made to protect his kingdom.

MOTU!: 8. What would you change about the collecting community?

Juan: The fact that some guys sometimes ask ridiculous prices on their figures making it almost impossible to complete your collection or make it worthwhile buying the figure, instead guys should put decent pricing on their figures, one can not expect to get rich overnight.

MOTU!: 9. Forums or Facebook groups?

Juan: Facebook groups.

MOTU!: 10. What MOTU character do you most resemble?

Juan: If I really have to pick one that mostly resembles me, I would have to say Prince Adam.

MOTU!: 11. Is there one thing that collectors may not know about you?

Juan: No I don’t think so.

MOTU!: 12. I notice that a lot of collectors also collect comics (myself included). What do you think is the common factor that draws some people to both of these hobbies?

Juan: I think for me, it’s when you read a comic book, for those precious few minutes it takes you away to a place where you can actually believe in what happens in the story. The way good always prevails over evil, and what’s better then reading a comic book and just looking at you’re figures after a good story. If that makes any sense.

MOTU!: 13. And finally, what is it about the hobby that has kept you collecting for all of these years?

Juan: There’s always something new coming out at comic book conventions, so it makes it almost impossible to stop collecting.

MOTU!: Well thank you so much for joining me today Juan. It has been an immense pleasure and I’m sure my readers will enjoy reading your answers as much as I have!

Juan: Thank you for having me.