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Ruthless Leader of the Evil Horde

He is the leader of the Evil Horde, an army of savage warriors, most of whom wear a red bat symbol on their chest to convey their allegiance. He is the former mentor of Skeletor, and he also opposes She-Ra and He-Man.


Real Name: Hec-Tor Kur

Second born heir to the Horde Empire, Hec-Tor Kur arrived on the planet Eternia while battling the cosmic warrior He-Ro. Taking the name Hordak, he raised an army and challenged the Snake Men for rule over the planet. Although he defeated King Hssss, Grayskull, leader of the free people of Eternia succeeded in banishing him to the dimension of Despondos. It was here that centuries later Hordak contacted a young alchemist named Keldor and began teaching him the ways of the dark arts in exchange for freedom from his extra dimensional prison.


White Crossbow
Bat Shield

Character Type:



Evil Horde


Hordak’s core personality is that of a person that is full of vengeance and hate. He is a savage warrior and conqueror.


Horde Prime

Powers and Abilities:

In the Filmation Series, Hordak possesses an array of powers. The majority of Hordak's powers are seemingly the product of science. He is capable of transforming himself in a variety of ways. For example, he can turn his arm into an energy cannon, become a massive tank, and even transport himself over great distances by becoming a rocket. In the episode "The Stone in the Sword", Hordak even transforms his arm into a vacuum cleaner. Although mechanical in result, these transformations may have been magically instigated, as they occur instantaneously with an eerie glow and sound effect.

However, the mini comics and Marvel Star comic books depict Hordak as using magic to a greater extent, more so than science. He is shown to be a powerful dark mage of equal or greater power to Skeletor and most likely has far greater knowledge.

As Hurricane Hordak, he has the power to discharge violent whirlwinds via mechanical rotor-blades that replace his right hand. As Buzz-Saw Hordak, he can launch a deadly spinning buzz-saw-like projectile from his chest. The accompanying mini comics explain the origins of both seemingly technological powers in clearly magical terms.

In the 2002 Mike Young Productions cartoon, Hordak briefly appears in flashbacks and in astral form via "dimensional portals". He is depicted as a supremely powerful magic-user, seemingly of vastly greater power than Skeletor, and with no apparent reliance on technology whatsoever, other than his Horde Troopers, although it is unknown if these redesigned minions are still intended to be robots like the original versions.

Powers – Summary:

Blast Power
Dimensional Manipulation
Shape Shifter
Unarmed Combat
Weapons Master
Wind Bursts


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