Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Toy Customizer: Frikkie Stroebel

Interview with Toy Customizer: Frikkie Stroebel

Toy customizing has quickly become an ever-increasing hobby thanks to adult-collector toy lines, and the slow pace at which they release new product. There’s nothing stopping you from creating your very own ideal action figure. Today we are talking with a guy who goes by the name of Frikkie Stroebel from Blue Hand Customs. He’s one of the most skilled toy customizers around in South Africa and he has done a lot of custom work for me already. He is my go to man when it comes to customs jobs!!

Back in 2013 I contacted him for the first time to ask him if it was possible for him to make me a custom vintage Camo Khan. Immediately he said yes. Let’s give it a go and this is what he produced!!! Amazing work!!!!

MOTU!:  So Frikkie, how did you get started doing action figure customs?

Frikkie:  When I started collecting MOTUC in 2011, I saw all the awesome custom figures guys like HKC and Joe Amato was making and figured I’d give it a shot.

MOTU!:  How long have you been customizing figures?

Frikkie:  Since 2011. Before that I did a couple of model cars and some other stuff.

MOTU!:  You do a lot of sculpting on your figures, not just the same old repaints seen elsewhere. What materials do you generally use to "make the magic happen”?

Frikkie:  I can’t sculpt, it’s more like “copy and paste”. I would love to learn how to sculpt though. Maybe one day when the kids are married….

MOTU!:  Your paint jobs are very well done. Can you tell us a little on your technique for getting a sweet paintjob that gets past the pesky joint rub problem?

Frikkie:  Thank you!! Surface preparation, good quality tools and paint are most important. A little patience also helps.

Joint rub can be solved by disassembling the joint and sand the surfaces down just a tad. Usually it’s not really necessary.

MOTU!:  Any horror stories of something gone horribly wrong?

Frikkie:  Yes!! Lots of horror stories, but nothing that couldn't be fixed.

MOTU!:  On the opposite end of blood loss, what has been your favorite custom to date? Not necessarily your favorite character, but one that just turned out exactly, or better, than you planned.

Frikkie:  The one that was the most satisfying was the Spirit of King Grayskull. Its finally done after a lot of failed attempts and giving ups and throwing stuffs. My favourite one is my Skeletor head.

Spirit of King Grayskull

MOTU!:  Yeah that Spirit of Grayskull is an amazing custom and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. The Skeletor head that you made for me a couple of months back is also top class.

Skeletor Head

MOTU!:  Do you have upcoming MOTUC customs that you're excited to be working on, or planning out?

Frikkie:  Yes. I’ve been planning proper battle armor for Wun-Dar and an upgraded battle armor Skeletor.

MOTU!:  Where can people see more of your work? Also, what is the best way for someone to get in touch with you for commissions?

Frikkie:  On my hugely neglected Facebook page, Blue Hand Customs, the one that you just became an Admin of.

MOTU!:  Thanks Frikkie, great talking with you! We look forward to seeing all the sweet new customs.

Frikkie:  Thanks Cobus! Always a pleasure.

Below is a small gallery of the customs that Frikkie has made for myself:

Snake Soldier
Battle Armor Faker
Dark Skin Grizzlor

Camo Khan
Green Goddess
Snake Soldier

87 Movie Dark Soldiers (Custom Head by Joe Amaro)

Guerr-Or (Custom Head by Mat 'O Toole - The Castle of Power)

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  1. Awesome! Frikkie is the best guy around. I love his work. Nice interview Cobus!