Thursday, 20 July 2017

Super7 Reveals Club Grayskull and Collectors Choice MOTU Classics at SDCC 2017

So as you know by now, the big news from SDCC 2017 was that Super7 revealed their new Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull (Filmation) and Masters of the Universe Collectors Choice Classic Figures.

The following figures were revealed:

Club Grayskull Sorceress
Club Grayskull Tung Lashor
Club Grayskull Mer-Man

Club Grayskull Man-E-Faces (No Figure at SDCC)
Collectors Choice Wrap Trap (AKA Horde Mummy)
Collectors Choice Dylamug
Collectors Choice Karg
Collectors Choice Granita (No Figure at SDCC)

Let's take a look at each Figure:

Club Grayskull Sorceress:

Club Grayskull Tung Lashor:

Tung Lashor Jetpack
Club Grayskull Mer-Man:



Collectors Choice Wrap Trap:


Collectors Choice Dylamug:

Dylamug Blast

Collectors Choice Karg:

Karg Gun

Vintage Filmation Figures:

Filmation She-Ra
Filmation Hordak
Filmation He-Man

Filmation Skeletor

Pixel Dan takes a look at all the MOTU Reveals from Super7:

Final Thoughts:

This is a fantastic SDCC 2017 for Super7 and Masters of the Universe. Great reveals!!!  Every single figure is a winner and just love them all!!!

My personal favourite is Karg!!!!

I am so glad that we are getting this figure. You can basically say its a 87 MOTU Movie 30th Anniversary Figure!!!

Super7 - Take my money!!!!

Pics from He-Man.Org

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