Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Collecting MOTU – Mint on Card (MOC) or Not Carded and Loose

So very often, I have collectors over that buys figures from me, or even just friends that visits and normally there are some questions they ask me regarding my MOTU Collection.
I decided it would be a very nice idea to answer some of these questions on my Blog.

One of the questions that is often asked:

Why do I collect and display my MOTU Collection loose and not carded (MOC)?

One of the biggest arguments when it comes to collecting and displaying action figures is whether or not they should be carded, or in their original packaging, or loose and set up in themed displays, complete with accessories such as vehicles, weapons and furnishings.

The first thing is that you as a collector must decide what you want from your collection. Meaning that how, are you as a collector going to get the fullest joy from your collection?

Secondly, no one should dictate to you how a collector should collect.

In my case, I made the decision that I want to display my MOTU Figures loose and the reasons are:

1. I want to be able to touch them and enjoy the wonderful sculpting that went into each figure

2. I want to display them and pose them differently, with different accessories, etc.

3. Remember every time you rearrange, dust or clean your figures, it will be the only time that you will have a chance to, “play” with your figures.

4. Play value and Sentimental value is very important to me.

5. As far as resale value, surprisingly, the value does not depreciate a great deal as long as the item is mint and complete with all the accessories it came with. Some figures loose that had low production runs will always have high value, even if they are loose, but complete. Here I am referring to MOTU Figures like Shadow Weaver, Fisto etc.

6. Displaying my figures loose also enables me to make use of less storage space.

To me collecting MOTU has always been a hobby for me and I love to free the toys from their package. I would not say I play with my toys but I certainly get enjoyment from holding the actual item in my hand and seeing what it can do.

No matter which type of action figures you decide to collect, this is a hobby that is really fun and rewarding. The more figures you add to your collection, the more fun and addicting collecting becomes. The only problem you are going to have is finding enough money to keep adding to your collections, and finding the space to display everything.

Come on, admit it. Deep down inside, you really want to play with your action figures.

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